Grand amenities
Two-bedroom unit
Studio unit
Studio unit

Inspire excellence
The Grand Towers was borne out of the vision to create a condominium project that exudes excellence, incomparable elegance and style. Its developer aimed to come up with a product that will meet the needs and demands of the sophisticated living and discriminating taste of the upper class. With the project's scheduled turn-over on 2010, the dream of sharing this product of excellence will soon be fulfilled.

Reward success.
Whether you are a professional, entrepreneur or student, value your achievements and your many years of hardwork. Reward yourself. Let yourself and your loved ones experience the fruit of your accomplishments. Have your icon of success, own a grand space at The Grand Towers.

Experience the difference. Get out from your routine and have the much needed break. At the Grand Towers, you need not go far. Bask in the luxury of the building's top-of-the-line leisure amenities.

With 3,000 sqm dedicated to recreation and relaxation facilities, and one level of commercial spaces, it is truly an ideal urban home that offers utmost comfort and convenience. Have your escape from the busy life at The Grand Towers.